Audi 80 car to the masses!


The 70 years of the 20th century in Western Europe was marked by the economic recovery. Companies recovered after the devastating Second World war, the economy is booming and the middle class grew rich, and asked for his car. Earlier and better of all, this niche was occupied by American Europeans – Opel Ascona and Ford Taunus. German automakers were forced to seek new solutions to compete successfully in the automotive markets of Germany,and in the long term and across Europe. And soon they presented the car, which was destined to become one of the most popular cars for the middle class – the Audi 80.

Audi 80B1 Serial production of the first generation Audi 80 began in 1972, replacing the Audi F103. A large number of technical innovations that have made this vehicle a truly revolutionary for both the AUDI and the entire automotive industry. Audi 80 under factory index model B1 was a car of medium size, with a harmonious and functional design, authored by Hartmut Warkuss. The basic version of this model was a 2 door sedan is quite compact dimensions – wheelbase 2,47 m and the total length of the car was 4,18 m, weight 835 kg Range of engines from engineer Franz Hauk was 4 petrol unit volume of 1.3-1.6 liters with power 55-100 PS Features of these engines was that they were all 4-cylinder, overhead camshaft, driven by toothed belt and disc pushers. The engines were placed longitudinally and 4-speed transmission transmitted torque to the front wheels. Thanks to this technical solution of German engineers, the car was more responsive braking. The car was fitted with front suspension type MacPherson strut and diagonal circuit braking system.

galerieAudi-80-B1-GTE-SyJ7 a year later, was presented to the version with the sports character of the Audi 80 GT. 100 horsepower engine is allowed to accelerate the car up to 175 km/h Externally, this version is different from the package, including matte black hood and alloy wheels. In 1976, Audi 80 acquires square instead of round headlights.

Cheap, economical car with a modern design and sporty character was a huge success not only in Europe, but also in the U.S. market, where he came under the name of Audi Fox. Production capacity of the plant in Ingolstadt couldn’t cope, so the release was established in Wolfsburg, and export models were assembled and in Emden. It should be noted the fact that the first generation of the Audi 80 was produced only in the sedan. The fact that Audi and Volkswagen joined the Volkswagen group Audi AG. To avoid competition within the group, the model station wagon was produced under the trademark Volkswagen Passat created on one basis with the Audi 80 and using the same technical solutions as well as common components and assemblies. Also, the platform of the Audi 80 was so successful that he continued his athletic career by becoming a base for the creation of the Audi Quattro and Audi Coupe. By the end of production generation B1 in 1978, was released more than a million cars Audi 80, gained popularity, which rightfully and later generations of this car.

audi_80_21Audi 80B1galerieAudi-80-B1-GTE-SyJ7


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