“Cup Youngtimer Party” Poznan, Poland, 17-19.10.2014


Cup Youngtimer Party is one of the largest events for owners of vintage cars and antimirov. The event for those who want not only to show their cars and look at others, but also to drive or just to ride in a safe environment.

The event is held on the Track “Poznan” is the only one working track in Poland, and the organizer is a Circle Youngtimer car Club Wielkopolski.

Youngtimer Party is a series of meetings that have been held for more than five years! During this time, the event has evolved from a single, irregular and local Youngtimer meetings to international events with sports classification of the playoffs, which is also the County Championship PZM for lovers of vintage cars.

Participants are tested in the form of sports competitions using long sections of the route. After passing the classification of races, you can continue to ride for pleasure and to develop their skills, if you have time and desire. On the second day, the participants will go through a complete all sections of the Route Poznan. This season, like last, will be able to take (at discounted price) participation in Tor Poznan Track Day training with experienced instructors and race track with time measurement.

Nowhere participants will not be given the same opportunities to play as we do! Very often the end of the race comes from driver fatigue party, and not “fatigue” of the car or the time limit.

Cup Youngtimer Party determines not only the best drivers specific activities, and in accordance with its name, the best riders throughout the year. Season 2014, for the first time in the history of the event, is made up of 4 rounds. In order to participate in the classification of the playoffs, you must participate in at least two of them.

However, this does not mean that you can’t come to us for only one round and just have a good time!

Another novelty from 2014 the year introduced classification, team work, which will allow you to fight for additional trophies the group of the friends of the crew.

Organizers remind that special attention is given to the word “party” in the name of the event. As happy as cars prepared for sporting events, shall be highly welcomed original vehicles stored in garages whose owners prefer racing calm leisurely drive. It offers tourist form Youngtimer rally Party in the form of raids. On the most important goal of the event is primarily a maximum pleasure, regardless of the results obtained or type of participation in the races and unite all lovers of old cars.

To learn more about the event Youngtimer Party and apply for participation you can on the official website of the сайте Кубка Youngtimer Party

“Cup Youngtimer Party” Poznan, Poland, 17-19.10.2014



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