The car is an important and integral part of our everyday life. The cars around us is a swift graceful cars, mighty workman-trucks carrying tons and tons of cargoes, roomy buses deliver passengers to their destination. They are created to perform specific tasks and seemed to be faceless performers certain tasks, but…. man is not a robot, and being creative, and therefore took a creative approach to this process is the creation of the car.

As music, clothing, hairstyles and other inherent attributes of our life retro car bears the stamp of the era, absorbs trends in the fine arts, currents in philosophy and consciousness of masses of people. This website I dedicate to hire the mid-20th century – the era when the automobile became popular, but not yet lost face, but on the contrary, became an individual, reflecting the views of the world around people that make them, and owning them. This era of great discoveries in technology, rapidly changing fashion trends, lifestyles and trends in art. This site is for all who are not indifferent to the old, rare, forgotten retro cars which you see on the roads. Yes, they are nicotinamine, environmentally unfriendly, they chopped angular shape, they are not Packed with modern technology…..but, they have that something that makes you think “if I lived in that time, I would certainly drove that kind of car”

This blog was not intended as an encyclopedia of all makes and models of cars with precise characteristics. Here you will hardly find an article about mega popular or not popular enough of this info on the Internet. Here I plan to post the cars that appeal to me personally, grab some spirited or charm. Well, those readers who share my tastes, will find on the pages of my blog interesting articles and colorful pictures. I wish you a pleasant viewing!