FIAT 600 – “people’s car” in Italian.



Fiat 600 was presented at the Geneva motor show in 1955. It’s hard to describe how excited this car was passed by the General public, but we can say unequivocally – the appearance of this car was very timely for Fiat and for a huge number of Italians who wish to change the status of the pedestrian on the status of the driver. Just 10 years after the end of the war, Italy’s economy was yet to develop. Production, and therefore the urban population grew rapidly, people needed was his “people’s” car – cheap, cheap, and compact. Fiat 600 was just this car.

Fiat 600 has opened a new Chapter in the history of the production of small cars. This 4-local, economical car was now available to the public at a price of only 590,000 Lear(7300 USD). Car production at the Mirafiori plant from the initial 624 units per day is reached 839 units already in 1957. Just 12 months approximately 300,000 Fiat 600’s rolled off the production line in Turin. Because of the huge success of car buyers had to wait almost a year for their turn to purchase it.

Fiat_600_02_lgFiat 600 was a new type of vehicle, not only in terms of design, but also technically. Engine displacement 633 cubic centimeter air-cooled was back. This is revolutionary for Fiat solution increased sufficient free space in the car, allowing you to place four comfortable passenger seats in the cabin, despite the compact dimensions of the car. Fiat 600 had 3215 mm, length 1380 mm width and 1405 mm. Another advantage of the rear positions of the engine was that the drive shaft is not needed, thus significantly reducing the weight of the car. The car was all wheel independent suspension, and as a consequence good stability when driving even at high speeds. Coil springs and telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers made the car quite comfortable and manageable on any roads.

In 1956 Fiat 600 got some changes to make it even more practical. The side Windows instead of sliding steel dipping, and rear seats – folding. In the same OU, Fiat produces two versions of the model 600: version with sliding sunroof, turned it almost into a cabriolet, and still widely-known model Multipla, which can be called a “van”. Successful attempt by Italian designers to create affordable car has allowed many Italian families to buy a car. As Fiat 600 was produced in many countries under license, and in the USSR was inspired by Soviet designers to create the legendary “hunchback” Zaporozhets ZAZ-965. Undoubtedly, Fiat 600 in popularity and significance can be put on a par with the legendary Volkswagen Beetle (Volkswagen beetle).

Specifications of Fiat 600

Engine • 4-cylinder• 633cc Power • 21,5 hp/4600rpm

Max speed 95 km / h

Transmission • rear wheel drive

• 4-speed manual Brakes  • front: independent, transverse leaf springs, control arms, hydraulic shock absorbers • rear: independent, sloping wishbones, coil springs, hydraulic dampers Dimensions • Length 3215mm • Width 1380mm • Height 1405mm • Wheelbase 2000mm net weight • 590kg


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