“Kings of the road” from the ‘ 80s, the European tracks.


I will not reveal to anyone the secret if I say that all the boys at any age are drawn to machines. Some look with admiration on the bright sports cars, aggressive, futuristic design, attract some trucks with its power, size, huge wheels and hollow roar of the engines. And, of course, truck among the most loved, long-haul trucks truckers – true kings of the road.

Remember yourself as a child – in fact, probably almost every passing steel monster, so wanted to look into the high cab, and in the dreams were like the trucker. What envy was aroused by the peers whose fathers worked by drivers of trucks, and took them with him to ride? I, of course, is no exception. Just like many guys looked at the passing, by growling and Smoking machines. But the usual KAMAZ, MAZ and ZIL were not attracted, in contrast… the first foreign truck tractors, which appeared on our roads. With inscriptions in foreign languages on the tents trailers, with an unusual design, with strange names, they attracted the eye, called curiosity, they blew unknown countries, romance long journeys. These trucks and I dedicate this short article. Not even an article, but rather a selection of photos. Collecting this selection on the Internet I decided not to be limited to only known and common “guests” from Europe, but also included those instances that have never seen myself, but related to the same era – trucks release the 70s-80s issue of different countries. Those who come from the ‘ 80s, perhaps, will understand me and will be happy to see a gallery of European truck tractors, and possibly remember myself – the boy who first saw the stranger “wagon” from the mysterious far away as Europe. Pleasant view. To view the picture in full size just click on it with the mouse.


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