Return Citroen 7C legal owner!


Everyone knows the situation with confiscation of two vehicles from a resident of France Serge Lucchina. Citizen of the French Republic on 11 August 2011 temporarily imported into the territory of Belarus belongs to his car with a French registration numbers. Take it the owner should have been no later than August 10, 2012. According to the legislation of the Customs Union foreign persons have the right to import for personal use vehicles registered on the territory of foreign countries, for the period of their temporary stay in the country, but not more than one year.
However, they are exempt from customs duties. However, whether due to forgetfulness of the owner, or for some other reasons Citroen was not timely removed from the territory of Belarus. Moreover, on 18 December last year, a French citizen appealed to the Minsk regional customs office with a request to extend the period of temporary importation owned car. Apparently, he had no idea that such an extension is impossible in principle, one year is the maximum time steps of the procedure of temporary importation. An alternative could be just timely (prior to the expiration of the year) and full payment of all customs duties and registration of the vehicle in the prescribed manner on the territory of Belarus.

This is, to put it mildly, a very unpleasant situaciami, ignorance of the Belarusian law on the temporary importation of TC does not justify the owner of the car, but more than 30 years of ownership Citroen 7C knocked it out of the life gauge. The machine is put up for auction. The owner asks for help on return of the vehicle. This car, as other cars for the true motorists – the most expensive for vladeltsev financial support of a man, a real connoisseur of vintage cars, caught in an extraordinary situation. From a speech by Mr. Serge Lucchino: “I purchased a car Citroen C7 1936 release over 30 years ago with my friend Roger Mace, whose name is engraved on the nameplate attached to the control panel. Unfortunately, last year Roger died, so jointly purchased the car left the memory of it. I infinitely sorry that ignorance of the Belarusian legislation and the unfavorable combination of circumstances led to the fact that the car had been confiscated. I really want her to return and thank you in advance for any assistance to all concerned.”

 citroen_7c_1 citroen_7c_2

Details: Serge Joseph Lucchina (Serge Joseph Luchina) Account No. 1130021000782 transit account 3812113000010, Bank code 749, UNP 100220190 in Priorbank JSC BSC 113 Minsk Passport of citizen of France No. 08CL25951 issued on August 14, 2008. In the hope that tomorrow July 26 machine on first day no one will buy, you can start raising funds.


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