Skoda. Trucks winged arrow. Part 2


The continuation. The beginning of the article read here Skoda. Trucks winged arrow skoda wlUntil 1941 škoda continued to produce almost all the cars in its lineup, after the company was captured by the Germans and converted to military needs. Only the models 706D”, “150”, “254D and 256 C” continued to produce. Military passenger cars “903” (6×4), “956” (4×4) and “952” (4×2 )started to produce on the basis of the automobile. Since 1942 has been adjusted the output of the 90-strong tagaca RSO (4×4). At the production plant in mladá Boleslav shifted some production aircraft plant “Avia” (Prague). The transfer of production of trucks in the suburbs of Prague to the factory “Air” in letang was carried out immediately after the war. Skoda C” capacity 7,5 – 9,0 t, the power of 145 HP, equipped 11,8-liter diesel engine was released in 1946. In January 1952, the company “Avia” it was decided to resume aircraft production, but production was moved to the village Renovica, in which there was a plant that belongs to a group of industrial enterprises in the Liberec region of Czechoslovakia – LIAZ. It was there, and started production cabover model 706RT” one of the most popular trucks Skoda. The prototype of this model of truck became bonnet model “706R, the rate is increased to 70 km/h In 1966 was put into production new truck with a six-cylinder diesel MT with a power of 180 HP (11946 cm3).Wheelbase (4600 or 5400 mm), capacity of 8.2 to 9.2 tons, maximum speed of 80 km/h – the main differences trucks “MT”, “MT”, which appeared 1358510064_truck-auto.info_skoda-706r-_6in may 1969. It was also suggested machines like tractors and trucks. Already by 1987 car series “706” was released more than 300 thousand pieces. In the same year in Mlada Boleslav on the head of National company (Auto-mobilove Za šolc, Na rodny Pod-nik, AZNP) began to produce cars. In 1955 he began producing passenger cars, pickups and vans, on the basis of Skoda 1201″ (4-clindamy motor: 1221 cm3, 45 HP), which was successfully exported to the USSR. In 1973 he began a smooth transfer of production of solid Board trucks Skoda 1203″ on the PELVIS (Trnava automobile plant in Slovakia. After the formation of the Slovak Republic continued their release, but with the engine more power – 1433 cm3, 57 HP and under the same brand – PELVIS. In connection with the economic reforms had to update the model range of light commercials machines, and also the automobile. “Forman” – gruzoperevozki the option of front-wheel drive car “Favorite”has a 4-cylinder petrol engine (56 HP, 1289 cm3), released in 1990 in mladá Boleslav. More than 75 thousand light vans and pickups were collected based on it. In 1994 the plant “Skoda” was included in the Volkswagen group and this Association was marked by the release of the car “Felicia”. After 2 years at factories in vrchlabí and Casino were released delivery pickups, loading capacity up to 600 kg and vans with a capacity of about 2.2 m3 intended for the carriage of not more than 450 kgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor many years the socialist countries and the Soviet Union remained the main markets for trucks production LIAZ. In 1974, the company made a serious step: hire a new series, “100” label “Skoda” was replaced by LIAZ. However, this attempt has not made the company famous. 90 years have been marked by political and economic crisis, which almost turned the plant into bankruptcy. Therefore, “Skoda”, concern heavy engineering, in 1995 and again took under his wing factory is bankrupt. Soon after the closure of some businesses that do not generate income, and after buying all the shares Lease was formed Joint stock company Skoda-LIAZa.s. Liberec, Miller, Mnichovo hradiště and Jablonec on-Nisa – town, which was one new plant joint stock company. So we created a new brand “Skoda-LIAZ”. In 1996 he released a new long-haul tractor – model “Xena 19.47 TBV” “400-series” (under the trademark “Skoda-LIAZ”) for trucks with a total weight of no more than 44 tons Main features: front disc brakes, rear air suspension with electronic control, ABS, import bridges, new cabin laminated fiberglass with a durable aluminum frame and 16-speed transmission”Eaton”. Series “Fox” was first released in 2000, with motors from 290 to 330 HP and weight t. In the late 90-ies the factory Skoda-LIAZ” was released only a few hundred trucks a year , although in the best years, the company produced more than 18 thousand vehicles per year.



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