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1361366533_truck-auto.info_skoda-history_2Emil Skoda (Emile Skoda), a young engineer, in 1869 bought a mechanical plant in the Czech town of Pilsen, which was founded by the lords of the kind of Wallenstein. In 1899, the plant was transformed into a joint stock company, and soon became the largest in the Austro-Hungarian engineering company. The production of tractors “Skoda” with engine power from 45 to 90 HP, as well as army trucks with all the managed and the leading wheels have already begun in 1905.

Later, shop No. 83, which opened in 1919 already in Czechoslovakia, was started the production and manufacture of military trucks and civilian vehicles. The first three-ton trucks “Skoda -304” and “Skoda-306 from the four – and six-cylinder engines 45-65 HP came out in 1921, and the production of five-ton trucks steam-powered with twin-cylinder power 70 HP at the firm license “Senitel” (England) began in the locomotive shop of the plant in 1923 . Firm “Laurin-Klement” from Mlada Boleslav in the summer of 1925 he joined the industrial plant of Pilsen, which received the name of “Skoda”. It is from this time in Pilsen and began manufacturing trucks. For the first time under the new brand name “Skoda-Laurin-Klement 505 and 545” were modernized two – and chetyrehkantnye cars “Laurin-Klement 500” and “Laurin-Klement 540” engines with a capacity of 35-40 HP Solid pickups also have undergone such changes and became known as “the Laurin-Klement 125”. Skoda-550 is the first five-ton truck brand new, released in 1927, was based on the chassis of “545” and was equipped with a more powerful four-cylinder nineleven motor (50 HP, 6786 cm3). skoda 304Only in 1929, after the release of a series of 2-axle conventional truck vehicles carrying capacity of 1.25-5.0 t (model number: “104”, “154”, “304”, “306”, “504” and “506”) with four – and six-cylinder gasoline engines (1661-7274 cm3, 30-75 HP) of own production, began independent trucks škoda plzeň. 1930 was marked by the appearance model “206” (dvukhtomnik) and diesel models “404D and 606D a total capacity of 4 and 6 t, equipped with a 4 – and 6-cylinder engines, respectively (5702 and 8554 cm3, 66 and 100 HP). Series 3-axle vehicles “656D” (6×4) c rear suspension and the model 806D” (6×2) with capacity from 6.5 to 8.0 tonnes released in 1934. This year for the first time has launched production of chetyrehtomnik “406D” with diesel engine, 100 HP, the Most popular truck streamlined model was “254D” ( 2.5-ton loading capacity) with four motor (55 HP, 3768 cm3)manufactured in the following year. At the same time, were compiled and presented prototypes “806DT” (6×2) – vosmitonny with six-cylinder verkhnekepin predominan diesel engine (135 HP, 11781 cm3). For all models of trucks was characterized by the presence of: hydro-pneumatic brake system, suspension with semi-elliptic leaf springs, spar frames, clutch single or multi-drive, 4 – or 5-speed transmission (2-speed demultiplier – heavy models). Basically they went as chassis for buses and low variants “N”. 40-80 km/h maximum speed. stroj_big_zoom_1938After the 30-ies “Skoda” began to develop new forms of cabins, as well as more advanced units. Model “100”, “150” introduced the so-called light series, the load capacity of 1.4 to 1.8 t with independent front suspension, was also released the second generation of 2.5-tinnikov “256B”. In 1939 he was released truck-semisonic “706D” from 8.6-liter diesel dvigatel 100 HP – base for the production of “Skoda” the entire post-war period. In Mlada Boleslav was a wide range of passenger cars, “Skoda”, mechanical base which was used for production delivery pickups and vans. 1936-Skoda 6STP6_tahac delostrelecky-a01 In 1932 škoda continued to produce tractors, and special 3-axis army trucks. Freely rotatable spare wheel hanging from both sides of the cabin – a feature of the car “Skoda” model “L” (6×4) with a six-cylinder petrol engines LEM (66 HP, 3140 cm3) with a total capacity of 2.0 – 2.5 so the new generation 3-axle conventional truck machines 6STP6″ (BHB) and “6ST6” (6×4) with a six-cylinder 100 HP diesel and petrol engines with a capacity of 4-5 tons was established starting from 1934 to 1939. Also, this model had a 2-speed dual high and single rear wheels. Was finalized and chetyrehtomnik model 6VD”who has a cab-over-engine. In October 1938, the second world war came to the borders of Czechoslovakia, and the country was already occupied by the German army……

The end of the first part. On military and post-war stages of development of the Czech truck read here Skoda. Trucks winged arrow. Part 2


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