The famous vans – Mercedes L206


In this article I reveal a small series of publications, or even heading to his car blog. The site will be dedicated to very popular in our time class cars – vans. Why these cars were so widespread? The answer is simple: they are practical and convenient. With the dimensions and dynamics of passenger cars, minivans can carry much more cargo by volume and weight, or passengers, without any cargo or passenger category driver’s license.

The economic recovery of post-war Europe contributed to the development of private business and the emergence of light commercial vehicles. Shopkeepers, farmers need was your car that can easily maneuver in the stream, easily pass through narrow city streets, delivering the goods to the destination. Transport should be simple, unpretentious, inexpensive but efficient. Thus, there are vans and minibuses, use the units and components of serial cars. In a series of articles, I will talk about the most popular vans 50s-70s.

So, the first minibus which I want to tell – Mercedes Benz 206D L

The history of this van starts since 1965, produced in Hamburg under the name Harburger, later Hanomag Henschel. In 1970, after the merger Henschel and Daimler Benz, the car is almost no change is produced under the brand Mercedes L206. The van was equipped with placed over the front axle two-liter diesel from model 220D, with a capacity of 55 PS or gasoline 1.8 – liter engine 4-speed transmission and front-wheel drive, allowed to make cars of different lengths, and smooth wooden floor provides good capacity and sufficient capacity. Mercedes L206D was produced in various versions: eight local minivan, cargo van or airborne platform. In 1972, he was presented the prototype – LE 306. It was an attempt to create a production electric car, according to the characteristics of the corresponding model L206. The sample had a motor power of 50 horsepower, allowing to accelerate to 70 km/h and prothat per charge 65 km. unfortunately, the sample in the series never went.

Just before the end of the 70s was released 304 000 cars, of which 165 000 under the brand name Mercedes L306. This robust and efficient van confidently took its commercial niche, until it was replaced by a car of its own design company Mercedes Benz.

In my next article, I will talk about the French van Citroën HY


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