The restored car: original or tuning?


The car, like any technique, sooner or later, faced with various problems. Cars, like people, get old. But every car owner solves these problems in their own way: someone is getting rid of the car, someone is trying to preserve its originality, and someone to fit it into the modern world, using the tuning.

Experienced car owner does not need to explain the concept of “oldtimer” is a car whose age beyond 40 years. But there is such a thing as yongtimer. How do they differ from old-timers?

Hangtime is also an old car, but it is significantly less than the Gullwing. Usually, it’s the cars that were produced in the 70-80s To the rarities they have not yet matured, but have crossed a certain age limits. In 10 years they will become a classic and will cost significantly more.

If you still have purchased andtimer in order to restore, you have two options: 1. to recreate the car in its original form. 2. to revive the car using tunica. About the benefits of this or any other way to argue pointless. In the first case, we get the original car, with all the pleasures and drawbacks of its “originality”. In the second case, you can make the car not only to “show” but a good ride. Here for example two antimere – Opel Manta. The left – well restored or preserved original, right tuning. What you prefer is to choose only you.


But do not think that you can just buy a car older than 25 years, and after a few years sell it more expensive. In this case, has its own quirks.

The first is a natural process of wear and tear. There is a strong likelihood that purchased andtimer will have high mileage and significantly worn units. You can do the repair, but where is the guarantee that you will find all the original parts to recreate the car?

Second – choice model. Not all models will eventually become more expensive. As an example – Opel Kadett 1977 onwards 14 Years ago it was sold for 750 UE. Today the price has not changed too much.

Tuning is the process of improving the car through the installation of abnormal nodes, various parts and units, which in a certain way change some properties of the vehicle. This also applies to the appearance of the car. The theme tune, every year is gaining tremendous momentum, because the improvement of the car is virtually no limit.

The easiest option of tuning the external finish of the auto. It can be stickers, tinted glass, plastic hinge, sodicity. These variations do not affect the technical characteristics, but only visually distinguish your car from the total mass.

If you seriously want to change the car, then the label is not limited. For example, to increase the speed and power of the car can be set sports suspension, and engine components and fuel systems, to improve the controllability spoilers, extra air tanks for cooling the brakes, and also to carry out chip tuning.

Today find everything you need for tuning the car will not be any difficulty. There is a huge number of online resources where you can order.  An old car can be thrown away, you can make him untouchable rarity, and you can give it a second life, using the tuning.


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