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In this article I want to talk about modest workaholic city, whose work is invisible, but necessary – trucks-garbage trucks. Sounds of course not as proudly as the main haulers or rally car, but…without them the city would be drowned in the mountains of garbage. Surprisingly, this form of public transport, too short fans, collecting the material, photo and history of garbage trucks. So I decided to write about them a few lines and put on public display the most interesting specimens.
I begin with a short history. The problem of garbage in the cities occurred simultaneously with the emergence of cities, and as more of the city – the more serious was the problem. And as soon as the first truck, they immediately began to adapt this simple but necessary thing is garbage. And then people are faced with the problem that a simple flatbed trucks or dump trucks for this are not very good – dust from open bodies tends to fall, the clouds of flies, parasites and odor makes this task even more difficult. Therefore, there is a need to build cars specifically for these needs. Serial trucks were equipped with a special closed body, hydraulic lifts and presses for compacting the waste in the body. During its history, the trucks-garbage trucks changed its appearance, improved, changed, but the function has not changed. Now, let’s turn to the cars.(click on image to enlarge) this is Probably one of the earliest, and it’s not a hot rod or custom car.
fordt t1iHere the garbage trucks from France about 1930years.
frHere are the trucks working on the streets of American cities at the end of the 30-40s.
t3 t4 Огромная трех конечная звезда на капоте явно укажет откуда этот экземпляр t1dA huge three-pointed star on the hood will clearly indicate where that instance
t1g t1f t6



t10 t11

tt2tThese trucks are British. They helped to maintain clean streets of Manchester in the 70s



And this truck can be seen on the streets of new York in the mid-60s….brutal, powerful, rough…
t15And lastly – modern European municipal car for garbage – MAN TGA.


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