Volkswagen Golf – the formula for success.


Volkswagen Golf can hardly be attributed to retro car, and even more rare, quite the contrary – it’s so popular car that is in honor of him called a class. So I think that despite the abundance of information on this model, it deserves another separate article, because it will take a few years, and a car can be considered a car-legend.
The history of the famous Volkswagen Golf begins in the distant 70s. While Volkswagen has not experienced the best days, the company was gradually falling into the financial abyss, and even sell them famous to this day Volkswagen beetle could not save the situation. Morally and technically outdated model with rear-wheel drive and rear engine air cooled, and rounded virtually unchanged since its introduction in 30s, did not attract mass customers. Volkswagen needed a revolution in the automotive industry…and this revolution happened. In 1974, the world saw the Volkswagen Golf Mk I. Engineers from Wolfsburg worked on the model for about seven years, and their work was not in vain – the car used the most modern technologies, such as front wheel drive and transverse engine layout. Elaborate technical details from the German engineers and the body from Italian designers managed vw-golf-i-salonпокорить the whole world. The buyer got a modern front-wheel drive car at a very affordable price, simple and reliable, yet elegant, rapid and sports – he was able to satisfy the requirements of the widest range of buyers. Volkswagen Golf soon enters the markets of the USA and Canada, under the trademark Volkswagen Rabbit and South Africa under the name of the City Golf. In order to meet the varied requirements of a huge number of buyers to the Volkswagen Golf is available in 2 and 4 door version, but its practicality, dynamism, ease of maintenance has gained success around the world. Fans of the fast and sporty drive Volkswagen Golf is also not left indifferent by corrupting the model GTI – engine with 112 HP was allowed to disperse the car to hundreds of 9 seconds and reached a top speed of 181 km/h . A wide range of engines from 1 l to 1.8 l was allowed to choose a car to your taste, preferences and needs. Fans of eco-drive, waited for another gift – diesel engine of 1.5 liters, the dynamic characteristics are not greatly inferior gasoline. It is worth noting the variety of body styles – hatchback, VW Golf cabrioкабриолет, and later the truck-based Golf – Caddy. The first generation Volkswagen Golf was produced for 10 years, the huge success of the model is confirmed by the stunning number of cars sold – 1982 – 5 000 000 copies. It is not surprising that this Volkswagen Golf the name to the whole segment of the automotive market – compact 2-4 door cars with small engine capacity calculated on the mass of the buyer and is now called the Golf class.



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